September 11, 2023

Christine Drazan Launches A New Direction

CANBY, Ore. – This week, former Republican nominee for Governor and House Republican Leader Christine Drazan announced the launch of a new organization to connect Oregonians with each other, build support for policies that will improve the lives of Oregonians and lead Oregon in a new direction.

Drazan said, “Oregon remains a state of unsurpassed promise, but without checks and balances, our state continues to cater to powerful elites and political extremes, ignoring the needs of thousands of Oregonians, hurting our quality of life and limiting our potential”. Drazan said, “Our state’s future has been neglected for too long. It is time for the common good to be our highest priority. A New Direction is dedicated to holding power to account and providing Oregonians with a more balanced approach to the challenges we face. Oregon can be saved, but it will take a new direction”.

A release said A New Direction is a 501c4 non-profit organization dedicated to connecting Oregonians with each other to advance policies and ideas that make Oregon a safer more affordable place to live and raise a family, strengthen checks and balances, improve transparency, empower Oregonians and support the next generation.