Oregonians are fed up with career politicians and their desperate attempts to lie, distract, and divide voters. My two opponents are no exception. Together, they have held power for a generation. They will say or do anything to hold onto power.

But this election is different. Oregonians across this state are ready for change and leadership that will take our state in a new direction.

Candidate for Governor Christine Drazan’s family
That’s exactly what I’m offering.

We don’t have to leave the future of our state to the same politicians that got our state in this mess in the first place. This is our year. This election is our opportunity to finally put our state on the right track. To choose change.

That’s exactly what I’m asking Oregonians to do this November. Choose change.

Choose to believe that, with the right leadership, we can have hope for a better tomorrow.

If you are one of the many thousands of Oregonians who are anxious over the future of our state and where we are headed, don’t give up hope. Together, we can turn our state around.

Join me.