Under Governor Kate Brown and the liberal majorities in Salem, Oregon has experienced a decade of decline. There is so much work to be done to turn Oregon around and to put our state back on the right track. I have the experience and the vision to begin that work on Day One.

Christine Drazan

A New Direction for Oregon


Governor Brown made the wrong decision when she chose a never-ending state of emergency and heavy-handed mandates. I opposed her mask and vaccine mandates and repeatedly urged her to repeal them. Oregonians understand how to make decisions for themselves and their families – they don’t need their state government telling them how to live their life.

Restoring Public Safety & The Rule Of Law
“As the House Republican leader, Christine Drazan was instrumental in protecting our law enforcement community from legislation that would have undermined our ability to protect and serve Oregonians. She is a champion for public safety and a tremendous advocate for our law enforcement officers.”
- Oregon Chiefs of Police Association, Sheriffs of Oregon

Violent crime in Oregon is out of control, especially in Portland, which is experiencing an all-time high in murders. When police were being attacked, Kate Brown and Portland politicians ignored it. Under my administration, the days of treating police like criminals and criminals like victims will end.

I will support law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of whom do their jobs with courage and distinction, and I will increase funding for our state troopers. I will ensure that laws are being enforced fairly. And when Portland politicians refuse to stop the nightly riots and bring peace to the streets, as Governor, I will.

Addressing Homelessness

Under Kate Brown and Tina Kotek’s leadership, the problem of Oregonians living on our streets has exploded. We’re spending more taxpayer dollars per year on this crisis than ever before, yet it feels like things just keep getting worse. We’re funding conversations that lead to additional conversations and meetings and discussions that – at the end of the day – do very little to get people off the street.

As Governor, I will address the root causes of homelessness – addiction, mental health, and affordability – and work with our nonprofits, the faith community, and local governments to get people off the streets. We must help those looking for assistance. And when people commit criminal behavior, I will ensure they are prosecuted instead of given a pass. We cannot continue to enable this any longer.

Reduce The Cost Of Living

Inflation is a tax on working families. Here in Oregon, it is being compounded by a regulatory and tax environment that has led to additional price increases for many of the goods and services Oregonians rely on every day. We need leadership that understands the impact inflation is having on family budgets and will act with urgency to address our state’s affordability crisis. As governor, I will lead by vetoing new taxes, repealing costly regulations, and by supporting policies that allow Oregonians to keep more of their money in their own pockets.

Reestablish Oregon As A Great Place To Do Business

Oregon’s reputation as an anti-jobs state is well earned. In addition to some of the highest tax rates in the nation, we have one of the most complicated and expensive regulatory environments in the country. These costs add up and get passed on to consumers, and businesses look to more welcoming states to grow. It’s no wonder Oregon has the fourth highest cost of living in the country, we face a homelessness crisis, and continue to see companies like Intel investing billions of dollars and good-paying jobs in other states.

As governor, I will fight for lower taxes for families and businesses and streamline regulations that make it expensive to build everything from new housing to new factories. I will work with our job creators to bring new investments to our state. I will support critical industries like timber, trucking, and manufacturing. We will invest in job training and technical education programs to prepare Oregonians to pursue careers as electricians, plumbers, and other trades. And we will get the government off the backs of our small businesses by reining in our state agencies and anti-business regulatory environment.

End The Costly
Cap-and-Trade Program

In March of 2020, Governor Brown signed an executive order establishing a cap-and-trade style program in Oregon. This overreach is going to harm critical industries like timber, manufacturing and trucking and result in price increases across the board for Oregonians. I will repeal Governor Brown’s climate scheme on my first day in office.

Support Students & Parents In The Classroom

We spend more on education today than ever before, but our kids are still falling behind. Class sizes continue to grow and test scores remain stubbornly low. The politicians and education bureaucracy in charge of our schools are robbing our kids with their misplaced priorities and agendas. Enough.

As Governor, I will lead by keeping our schools open full time and in person, get back to the basics in the classroom, give parents a forum to be heard, and leave the politics at home where it belongs.

I will restore the graduation requirements that Kate Brown eliminated and ensure that our kids know how to read, write, and do math before they enter the real world.

And I will expand access to school choice so that students can learn in the education environment that best fits their needs. I will stand up for parents’ rights and ensure that they have a voice in where and how their child gets an education.

Secure Our Elections

My efforts to secure our elections started during my time as the Republican leader in the Oregon house. They continued as a member of the Republican State Leadership Committee’s Commission on Election Integrity, where I worked with GOP elections experts from across the country to identify policies that would make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. I sponsored legislation that would ban ballot harvesting and advocated for an independent redistricting commission that would undo the gerrymandered political maps that have rigged our elections. I have the background and policy ideas to start restoring faith in our elections on Day One.

As governor, I will:

  • Ban ballot harvesting.
  • Support a constitutional amendment establishing an independent redistricting commission to put the people in charge of the process instead of partisan politicians.
  • Direct the attorney general to investigate any allegations of voter fraud and to prosecute confirmed cases.
  • Enhance whistleblower protections for Oregonians who reported allegations of fraud.
  • Increase penalties for those found guilty of defrauding our elections.
  • Establish a permanent task force on election integrity to examine vulnerabilities in our system and make recommendations on how to enhance the security of our elections.
  • Require audits of our elections when evidence of irregularities exist.
Identify And Prosecute Waste, Fraud And Abuse In Government

For too long, fraudsters have taken taxpayers for a ride by stealing money from the unemployment program, rental assistance programs, and other government benefits. The state has a duty to protect taxpayer dollars by aggressively investigating and prosecuting instances of fraud and using all legal means to recover stolen money. Fraud of any kind will not be tolerated by my administration.

Restore Rural Oregon

Our rural communities have suffered under Governor Brown’s leadership and our state’s decade of decline. Incomes are lower, good jobs are harder to find, and Portland politicians treat rural communities like an afterthought instead of the backbone of our state.

I was born in Klamath Falls to a family that was dependent on the natural resource industry. I understand the challenges our rural communities face because I’ve seen them firsthand. As governor, I will end the one-size-fits-all approach to policy making, prioritize local control and restore the voices of rural Oregonians in their state government. The days of Portland politicians trying to tell our rural communities what is best for them are over.

Second Amendment

As someone who grew up in a rural community, I understood from a young age the importance of being able to protect yourself and your family. During my time in the legislature, I earned an A rating from the NRA for my record of voting to uphold the Second Amendment. Under my administration, I will always stand with you in defense of your rights.


I am endorsed by Oregon Right to Life and am proud of my record of standing up for life during my time in the legislature.