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Christine Drazan Responds To Employment Department Audit

Canby, Ore. – Christine Drazan issued the following statement in response to the Oregon Secretary of State’s audit of the Oregon Employment Department:
“When hardworking Oregonians suddenly found themselves laid off thanks to Governor Brown’s shutdown orders, they turned to the state for benefits they had a right to receive. Instead, all they got were busy signals and months-long wait times. Today’s audit confirms what Oregonians have known for years: Oregon needs new leadership.

“I appreciate the work that Acting Director Gerstenfeld and his team have put into turning things around at the department. But the reality is this agency was set up for failure by leadership that was asleep at the wheel for over a decade. In the legislature, we received thousands of calls from constituents who were desperately in need of help from the Employment Department. That’s what failed leadership looks like. Oregonians deserve better. Just as I called for accountability when it became clear that a change in leadership was needed at this agency, I reaffirm that need for accountability today. As Governor, I will ensure that this agency will be responsive to the findings of this audit and take these recommendations seriously, so that the next time Oregonians need their government to serve them, it will be prepared to meet that challenge.”