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Christine Drazan Launches First General Election TV Ad: “Small Town”

Canby, OR – Christine Drazan, the GOP nominee for Oregon Governor, announced today the release of her first television ad of the general election: “Small Town.” The ad, which will begin airing in TV markets around the state today, highlights Christine’s community roots and her contrast with her two Democrat opponents.
“An Oregonian with small town roots and a record of fighting for her community, Christine Drazan is ready to provide a new direction for Oregon,” said John Burke, Drazan’s Communications Director. “After a decade of decline under Kate Brown, Tina Kotek, and Betsy Johnson’s one-party Democrat rule, Oregonians are desperate for change. Our campaign has the momentum and we’re ready to make history this November.”

Small Town Script:
I’m an Oregonian, my life is an Oregon story. I was born in Klamath Falls where family and community, were everything to me

Growing up I saw first-hand politicians put their personal agendas ahead of hard-working families

My opponents have spent decades doing just that

They helped Kate Brown push through a massive sales tax when we could least afford it

And our streets are a mess

Kate Brown, Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson have extraordinary power but they’ve only made things worse

More than a thousand dangerous criminals released into our neighborhoods and a homeless crisis that is devastating all of Oregon

Oregon deserves better

I’m Christine Drazan, if you are looking for a third term of Kate Brown, you’ve got two great choices – Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson
 But if you’re looking for a new direction – someone who has actually stood up to Kate Brown – then let’s do this.