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Drazan’s Plan For Supporting Police & Holding Criminals Accountable

This morning, Christine Drazan released her plan for supporting police and holding criminals accountable:

Violent crime in Oregon is out of control, especially in Portland, which is experiencing an all-time high in murders. When police were being attacked, Kate Brown and Portland politicians ignored it. Under my administration, the days of treating police like criminals and criminals like victims will end. I will support law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of whom do their jobs with courage and distinction, and I will increase funding for our state troopers. I will ensure that laws are being enforced fairly. And when Portland politicians refuse to enforce the law and bring peace to the streets, as Governor, I will.

My plan for supporting police and holding criminals accountable includes:

  • RE-funding The Police. In the 1970’s, Oregon had 30 state troopers per 100,000 residents. Today? That number is just 8. I am committed to fully funding our state police force and partnering with local governments to ensure that they have the resources they need to hire more police officers and sheriffs deputies.
  • Ending Early Release of Violent Criminals. Kate Brown’s mass prisoner release program has led to the early release of convicted cold-blooded killers. It never should have happened, and it won’t under my administration.
  • Holding DAs Accountable When They Refuse To Prosecute Lawbreakers. Activist DA’s like Multnomah County’s Mike Schmidt have failed to fully and fairly prosecute criminals. A Drazan administration will hold DA’s accountable to the rule of law and deploy the full weight of our state government to ensure that criminals are prosecuted for their crimes.
  • Taking Down Drug Cartels. State leaders have not done enough to address the explosion of cartel activity, particularly in Southern Oregon. I will partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement to put an end to the illegal cartel activity that has led to an increase in the proliferation of hard drugs and violence in the region.
  • Reversing Measure 110. Measure 110, which decriminalized drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth, has been a policy failure that has exacerbated the crisis in our streets. I will support a repeal of Measure 110 and provide the leadership needed to improve access to addiction and recovery services across the state. 
  • Appointing Judges Who Will Deliver Justice. 40 years of Democrats in the governor’s office has led to an activist takeover of our courts and judicial system. I will only appoint judges that respect the Constitution and commit to upholding the rule of law.