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Drazan Condemns ODFW Commission’s Rock Creek Hatchery Decision

Christine Drazan issued the following statement today in response to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission’s decision to terminate the Rock Creek summer steelhead hatchery program. The Commission voted 4-3 to terminate the program, despite pleas from tribes and anglers to maintain the program.

“For more than 60 years, the Rock Creek steelhead hatchery has supported local tribes, anglers, and the economy. The ODFW Commission’s decision to terminate this program is just the latest example of the state siding with environmental special interest groups at the expense of all other stakeholders. It’s made worse by the fact that the Commission made the decision despite a presentation by ODFW staff showing the program had no effect on wild steelhead numbers. 

“As governor, I will advocate for more fish in our rivers, not less. I will commit to strengthening broodstock hatch box programs, modernizing our hatcheries, and re-opening the Rock Creek summer steelhead hatchery program.” ###