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Drazan Responds To Tina Kotek’s Just “Write Me A Letter” Comments

Former House Republican Leader Christine Drazan today responded to Former House Speaker Tina Kotek’s recent comments defending the status quo in Oregon state agencies and suggesting that agency directors should just “write (her) a letter” explaining why they are successful, instead of forcing needed change.

Excerpt From PW Lobby Group Newsletter

“When asked how she would manage agency leaders on her first day in office, Kotek broke with (Tobias) Read and Republican contender Christine Drazan who both said they would ask all agency leaders for their resignations and put their own imprint on the executive branch. Kotek said ‘we don’t need disruption.’ Instead, she said she would ask agency heads to ‘write me a letter and tell me why you’re successful.’ She would tell them, ‘How can I help you be the leader you want to be.'”

“Oregonians are the ones who have suffered because of the failures of their state government these past few years,” said Drazan. “They deserve a government that works for them. They are not going to get that from Tina Kotek. Her suggestion that ‘we don’t need disruption’ and that agency heads should simply ‘write (her) a letter’ explaining why they are successful is an abdication of the duty to lead. We don’t need letters, we need leaders. Tina Kotek isn’t one.”

Recent public opinion research conducted by DHM shows just 24% of Oregonians believe the state is on track, the lowest number in 25 years. Considering the performance of state government in recent years, the low poll numbers should hardly come as a surprise.

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