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Drazan Brings "Gravitas" To Governor's Race

On Drazan’s Leadership…Drazan Is “Well-Respected…Effective.” “Drazan is a well-respected legislator, known as an effective political strategist and a clear communicator.” (Willamette WeekDrazan Is “Known For Legislative Tactics That Frequently Infuriate Rival Democrats…” (OPB)
Drazan Has “Built A Reputation As An Unbending Leader.” (OPB)
Helped Republican Party “Punch Above Its Weight Class.” “As leader of the House GOP Caucus, Rep. Christine Drazan helped her caucus punch above its weight class.” (OR360)
 On Drazan’s Strength As A Candidate Drazan Brings “Gravitas” To A Lacking Primary Field. “Drazan’s candidacy would inject some additional gravitas into a Republican slate that currently lacks any candidates who’ve won election to the Legislature or a higher statewide position.” (OPB)
Drazan Is The “Credible” GOP Candidate. “Republicans, meanwhile, landed a credible candidate in former state House Minority Leader Christine Drazan…” (Rassmussen Reports
On Drazan’s Path To Victory Cook Political Report Says Johnson Can Split Democratic Votes. “Johnson … has the potential to split Democratic votes and give Republicans an opening.” (Cook Political Report)
“Rassmussen Says Ingredients Present For Possible Republican Flip.” “… there seem to be some ingredients present for a possible Republican flip. As we saw in Virginia last month, when the GOP won statewide for the first time in a dozen years, many electoral streaks eventually end at some point.” (Rassmussen Reports)
The Political Environment Primed For GOP Success “Even In Blue States.” “The Virginia governor’s race earlier this month suggested that Republicans could be primed for success next year, even in blue states.” (OPB)
Drazan Offers “Refreshing” Message. “In some ways, she offered a message of moderation and balance that was refreshing amid the highly polarized, ultrapartisan rhetoric that has come to characterize state and national politics.” (Canby Current)
With Drazan, GOP Sees “Unique Chance At Victory In 2022.” “Drazan’s entrance into the race suggests Republicans think they have a unique chance at victory in 2022, after decades of failing to win the state’s top elective office.” (OPB)
“This Year Is Different.” “Until now, a Republican winning the Oregon governor’s race would be considered wishful thinking by most political insiders. But this year is different…People are very frustrated. Voters generally are very unhappy with their situation. Unhappy with the direction of the state, unhappy with leadership and they attribute that to Democratic flaws and failings.” (KGW)