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Christine Drazan launches campaign for governor of Oregon

State representative pledges to combat crime wave, fix schools, make Oregon more affordable

Aurora, Ore. – Surrounded by her family and supporters, Christine Drazan today launched her campaign for governor of Oregon. In announcing her campaign, the Canby state representative declared it’s time for a change, and pledged to address Oregon’s rising crime rate, fix our schools, and make Oregon a more affordable place to live and raise a family.

“Prices are rising, taxes are high, streets are lawless, schools are a mess, and too many of our fellow citizens are sleeping in the cold,” said Drazan.

“Oregonians are desperate for change. We don’t need more of the same,” Drazan said. “We need leaders who will challenge the status quo, reverse our decade of decline, and finally put our state back on the right track.

“I’m ready to be that leader. That’s why today I am officially announcing my candidacy for governor of the great state of Oregon.”

In remarks to her supporters this afternoon, Drazan shared her vision for a better Oregon. She pledged to work to cut taxes on hard working families and small businesses, reverse unnecessary and costly regulations, end the lockdowns and re-open Oregon for business. Drazan also expressed her support for law enforcement and committed to holding criminals fully accountable for their conduct, as well as improving Oregon’s education system by keeping schools open full-time and in person, getting back to the basics in the classroom, giving parents a forum to be heard, and leaving the politics at home where it belongs.

Drazan noted that the last time Oregon enjoyed balanced representation in Salem, “We passed tax reform, we supported by our law enforcement and held criminals accountable for their conduct, and we stood by the jobs and industries that for decades provided hardworking families with good-paying jobs.”

“Don’t you think Oregon could use some balance right now?”

Drazan said she has no illusions about the difficult path ahead of her.

“I have no doubt the special interests controlling our State Capitol for the past 40 years will do everything they can to keep Democrats in the governor’s office,” said Drazan. “But with your help, I’ll be the first Republican woman ever elected as our state’s governor.”

“I am Christine Drazan, a small-town girl who has devoted my life to respecting people, to helping people and, and to serving others,” she concluded. “I am running for governor because I love this state that so desperately needs change, and I’m ready to stand with you and fight for its future.”
 Editors’ note: A full copy of Drazan’s prepared remarks is available upon request. Video of today’s launch event will also be shared upon request when available. Drazan’s headshot is available here for use as appropriate.